The factory was founded over 40 years ago. The main objective since the creation of the business has always been to produce technologically advanced products which combine security and design in a wide range of doors and fittings suitable for any furnishing style and which allow for individual customization.
Being at the forefront of technology also allows for innovative products and manufacturing processes. The company have invested significant resources in the production process which qualifies us as one of the most technologically advanced in the industry. A combination of software and exclusive design processes enables us to manufacture a product to a consistently high standard whilst still allowing for the individual customization demanded by the market. Also particular attention and great respect is paid to the impact of the business on the environment. In order to further develop the business we wish to utilise the most advanced technology available on a daily basis, to manufacture special products which are also user friendly and to accommodate the individual needs of any client worldwide.




The Company has been existing since 1985. The acqusition and implementation originated from the biggest aircraft factories: experienced crew of engineers, technologically advanced machine. Company has started its activity with the production of metal elements and goods made from acid resistant steel, using themachining and welding technologies. The key products has been the supports for the pipelines which have been installed all overthe world by the reputable international company. The company crew presents now morethan 100 employees with the extensiveexperience. With such skilled staff we  canalso execute the non-standard orders onthe basis of customer projects or preparethe technical solutions satisfying special needs of our clients.
Our products are widely used in the chemical, petrochemical, oil, gas, mining, steel, food, heating and many other industries.
We pay big attention to  the quality of products and services, the evidence of which is the implementation of Quality Management System ISO 9001, used in company since 1999. We also have certificates such as CE certificate, FIRE SAFE certificate, Hygienic Attestation of PZH, Transport and Military Technical Inspection Qualifications, certificate, TA-Luft certificate, as well as certificates and approvals for the Russian and Ukrainian markets.



The company has worked effectively on the land market over 50 years. The company possesses reach experience with industrial, indoor and street luminaires production and distribution. Moreover while last years the company has focused on its offer extension for luminaires to especial difficult work circumstances as hazardous areas of explosion. Mentioned actions assure customers in wide variety of explosion-proof luminaires and equipments, also professional consulting and trainings. The company has built tradition and experience in lighting industry since 1955. The main share-holder is ShipYard Remontowa stock company.
All our products have European Union norms, CE symbol and explosion-proof ATEX. Maritime luminaires follow requirements of European Clasification Societies as DNV, LRS, GL, RINA, RMRS, PRS and others. All luminaires have HIGIENIC CERTIFICATE signed by National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw.